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Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review

Namaste ! Moonsoon is round the round the corner and there are enoromous reasons to love this season. A relief from scorching heat of the summer, awesome teez/saavan festivities, cozy time at home and lots of indian desserts.. Everything is so nice but then just one thing that annoys me is frizzy hair, i know you could probably relate to that. Indian moonsoons are loaded with the highest humidity content possible. Since, i often go out of the house now, i wanted to use something lightweight that could tame my frizziness a bit. Pantene launched oil replacement and it has been lying in my vanity since then. Finally, I thought of putting it to use so here's my quick review after trying it..


Cool! A huge plastic tube with a flip-top cap. Travel friendly. Comfortable to carry around, gold-hued, gives a nice feel. No spillage noted.


Online: Available on amazon. Offline: Available on most drugstores and supermarkets.


For 180 ml: 150  (always on discount) fo…
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My top 5 favorite products of all times

Hola guys! I hope you are having great vibes around yourself when you read this post. We all tend to have a few favorites when it comes to taking care of ourselves, be it in beauty/cosmetics genre. Well, I'm listing down below few of my all time favorites which I come back to every once in a while( coz obvio, how much I love to experiment around). The list is not in any particular order! happy reading..

Fabindia Cypress Perfume Oil

                                                                                             Photo Source: Amazon

Fabindia has a number of variants in their perfume oil range. Out of all the three that were available when I bought mine, cypress was my favorite muse. This has a unique fragrance which has woody and forest-y undertones to it. This comes really handy while travelling and has a decent staying power. This is one of my favorite staple for my travel bag. It costs 290 Rupees  and hence is a good budget option.

Cipla Cetaphil Moisturizer

Cipla is one…

My new hair :Brunette to Platinum blonde

Hello readers, without any vauge intros..lemme just get you straight into the story.
Most of you already know how much I love experimenting with my looks and i'm always looking for new ways to feel a bit more crazier. After much contemplation I finally decided to make the move and get my mane a makeover. So, after going through infinite pictures on instagram, pintrest and considering the suggestions on snapchat ; I found a dreamy shade that would go well with my personality (some twist in story here, which you'll know after few blog posts :P) . Since , i'm in tricity right now it was a struggle to find the stylist who could do the perfect job.. One of my friend suggested me GlamZone . Glamzone is a startup in tricity having 4 branches. I discussed my requirements with the stylist and he assured  me that he will get the closest shade possible as desired. I took the leap of faith since any dissatisfaction from the color would have costed me chopping my long hair into short …

Miss Claire Full Coverage Makeup (Concealer) : Quick Review

Guten Tag! These days I'm kinda likin' keepin' it low-key with my makeup also helps my skin take a break, I still keep up with my crazy,bold makeup every now and then( you know me! :-P) . Maybe this Diwali will be filled with lots of new makeup looks and traditional wear..well I'm hoping that!! Okayy...let's do this quickk review of another product from the brand I like.. Miss claire.

Awesome! A glass tub with a plastic screw cap. Travel friendly. Comfortable to carry around, perfect size. No spillage.

Online: Available on amazon. Offline: Available on selected drugstores.

For 6 gms: 407 on amazon. Varies in stores.

Shelf life:
3 years

Miss Claire full coverage makeup offers a thick consistency, that of traditional concealers. It blends very smoothly and conceals easily. Talking about concealing, the coverage is pretty much full coverage. I would not say completely full coverage but much more than medium and bit less than f…

Miss Claire Lip Creams- My Current favorites

Kon'nichiwa !!
As most of you know miss claire lip creams are my current everyday staples. So, I thought of dropping a post about the shades on those I'm currently obsessing. So, if you are interested in getting to know these shades better or are planning to buy a good everyday lipstick, u would want to consider this.

Shade 04:
Shade04 is my perfect nude lippie... yes it is.. and you know the value of that finding..right?
This shade was launched probably around june 2017 along with more shades which include a huge variety of browns. I didn't quite discovered this collection unless I randomly visited a cosmetic store to calm down my impulsive-buy-makeup-collectibles carving. And there it was..beautiful, perfect, absolutely crafted for me shade 04. It was in the midst of bright pinks, on a glazed plastic stand shinning in its place in middle of bright lights and sparkling mirrors. much fantasy? haha makeup obsessed people know where it's coming from.
I use this lip cream…

Basic makeup products for college girls/beginners

Basic makeup products available in India for college girls/ beginners
Moisturizing is one of the most important step you should follow to prevent your skin from being dry/ dehydrated from pollution & cosmetics. Always choose moisturizer depending upon your age, skin type & lifestyle. Please break the stereotype that you don't need a moisturizer if you have oily skin or its summer.Your skin NEEDS it...always, so treat it well. Here are few options you can choose from..Clean & Clear  Cipla Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
Netrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer
Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel
Lotus Herbals Sheamoist
Niveia Light Moisture
Fabindia Vitamin E
Patnjali Cocoa Face Cream Sunscreen
Sunscreen is the most neglected product. Neglecting sunscreen leads to tanning, sunburns, premature aging of the skin and that's something we need not in our 20s. Below are my picks for sunscreen. 
Blossom Khochher Aroma MagicLotus Matte SpfLakme SunscreenPatanjali SunscreenNiviea Su…

Beauty Resolutions for 2017

"Your body is the only permanent place you have to live. "
Hey folks! here are few of the beauty resolutions that you can take for 2017.I am listing ten beauty resolutions which you can start dwelling into your lifestyle even today! These are simple and really need to be in your routine no matter what your age is.Honestly, I am unable to keep up with beauty resolutions because basically, i just can't restrict myself to one product/method(lack of self-discipline ..haha ). I have an invincible carve to try out new things( curiosity..u see.. :-P)Let me know in the comments which one's are you taking for yourself this year.

Make notes of Expiration Dates

We always tend to overuse the products despite of their mentioned dates. Let's make a note to discard a product as soon as it reaches its expiry date or (even better) use it before it expires. Using a product bypass their expiration date can (sometimes)cause serious consequences. I check all my makeup/beauty products ev…